Air Travel with Small Kids

I just want to say… going on a trip with children is not for the faint of heart lol

Shoutout to all the moms who are traveling with their kids this summer!

Packing all the kids clothes (and yours), getting the kids on the plane or in the car, being on snack duty, planning all the activities and having the energy to keep up with the kids!

I see you mom! We see each other! in my Nene Leakes voice LOL

Here are some tips others gave me that I put into practice.

1. Bring lots of snacks!

2. Download shows from YouTube and Netflix onto some sort of device

3. Have a bag where you have easy access to diapers/pull ups and wipes (I did have to handle a poop situation 😩🥲🤣). Also have easy access to your ID and birth certificates for the little ones

4. If you are traveling with a stroller practice breaking it down quickly and possible with one hand. You will have to do this through security and at the gate (possibly even to get in a shuttle around the airport)

5. Give Zyrtec before the flight to help with ear popping (other medications work as well; please google)

Some other tips I got, but didn’t have to use were

1. Bringing snacks for the adults as well!

2. For older kids bring gum or gummy candy to help with ear popping

3. Small activities to keep kids busy such as small coloring books

4. A change of clothes for each kid. (I forgot this but luckily I didn’t need it… don’t be like me… bring the extra set lol)

5. Have kids in matching colors and possibly light up shoes to make them easier to track

Enjoy your vacation!!

Baby Boy is Sick…

The day I have been dreading is here,… Omari is sick. I started noticing his symptoms on Friday of last week (runny nose, sneezing), but Saturday night he started getting a little cough which made Omor and I worried. If you read my previous blog about breast feeding you know I rarely feed Omari with my actual breast, instead pumping it out and feeding him via bottle. Since Omari started feeling bad I decided that maybe fresh milk straight from the boob would help him feel better since breast milk has anti bodies that help babies build immunity, and fresh milk had to be better than what was already in the fridge that needed to be warmed up. I also hooked up my cool mist humidifier and started using a Nose Frida by Fridababy to suck the snot out of his nose. I noticed some improvements but his cough seemed to be getting a little worse just by the way it sounded. This morning I decided that we were just going to go up to the doctor even without an appointment just to make sure everything is ok because Omari is only 2 months old and any health issues really should not be taken lightly. They were able to get us in pretty quickly even though they were busy and we soon found out Omari has pneumonia. This word sounds so scary to me but his doctor assured me that it was better than him having a cold because he could actually cure this with medicine whereas with a cold we would just have to let it work itself out. He has to take an antibiotic, azithromycin, every day for 6 days and needs to stay home from daycare for 2 days. Omari’s parents are very worried but Omari seems to be in good spirits still smiling, laughing and eating normally.

The lesson here is go with your mommy instincts when it comes to your child’s health. A remedy you think will work usually will and when you think it’s not enough take them to your pediatrician immediately because that’s what they are there for. Also people say to stay off google when looking at symptoms but honestly google is my best friend, you just can’t rely solely on google, Lol.

Also… never thought I would use the nose Frida when someone bought it for me, and it’s literally one of the best things ever. You would never think you would suck snot out of someone’s nose but when it’s your child and they can’t breathe you will do anything

Mommies, get you one!

Omari’s medication given by mouth once a day. He did spit it up and I gave him a little more (which he spit up a little again), so I’m hoping he got some in his system because he doesn’t get the second dose until tomorrow.

Pray for us guys!

– Wiggy

The Reasons That We’re Here…

Welcome!  Since I started this journey into motherhood I have learned many lessons, some hard and some easy.  I always find myself thinking “why didn’t anyone warn me about this?” or “why don’t people talk about this?” in regards to pregnancy and motherhood topics.  So, I decided that I would write about my own experiences in an effort to clear my own mind and possibly be some sort of help to others.  Feel free to share your experiences as well and welcome to Wiggy’s world as a new mommy!