My Pregnancy Story

December 31, 2017, a day which will live in infamy (*in my Franklin Roosevelt voice*), was the day I found out I was pregnant.  That morning I woke up after I fun weekend celebrating my boyfriend Omor’s 29th birthday to go meet a couple of my friends for brunch at one of our favorite places to go, Cyclone Anaya’s.  I had lobster tacos and mimosas, a meal that ALWAYS satisfies me but today after I finished my meal I just found myself feeling weird, not nauseous or anything but just weird.  After brunch I went home and laid down in bed, feeling exhausted but I was so anxious so I could not fall asleep because I was thinking that something was off with my body.  The previous two weeks I had also been feeling off but continued to blame on “my period was coming” because it was supposed to come during those two weeks but I was now almost a week past due which was a scary thought for someone as regular as me.  While I was laying down my anxiety started to build and I decided I needed to know if I was pregnant right then and there.   Omor was in the living room watching tv when I just got out of my bed, walked past him saying nothing, walked out the door, and drove to the CVS down the street from my apartment.  I’m sure it was strange to him but I just had to know if I was pregnant and did not have time to explain myself as to why I was leaving.  At CVS I picked up the Clearblue brand which says “pregnant” or “not pregnant” on the results because I did not have time to fool with lines or plus/minus signs which I felt could possibly be blurred or confusing.   I went back home and Omor was still sitting there, I’m sure having a mini anxiety attack because he had an idea of what I had went to go buy (he knew my period was late).  I broke out the first test right away and peed on the stick and I shit you not the test immediately said “PREGNANT”.  My eyes got so big and I thought “oh hell no, that’s a mistake, isn’t it supposed to take like thirty seconds or something?”  I thought something could have been wrong with the test because it did have a little error icon on it and those results just seemed too quick so I decided to take the second test in the box.  For the second test I decided to pee in a cup and then put the end of the test in the cup (this was supposed to be the better way to do it).  I let this test marinate for a little bit and when I came back to it it said “pregnant” as well. img_4887.jpg

I cannot even describe how I felt in that moment, I always thought I knew how I would feel when I got pregnant but the feeling I was experiencing was like nothing I had ever felt before.  I felt empty but full at the same time, like my entire body all the way down to my toes was filled with air.  Soon that empty feeling was replaced with major anxiety and real tears, which could not be stopped, streamed down my face for hours.  Omor and I both dealt with the news in our own way but eventually after a week or so came to grips with the fact that we would be bringing a new life into the world and we needed to start preparing for it.

First Trimester

About a week after I found out I was pregnant it seemed like the morning sickness (or all day sickness for me) set in.  I barely made it through a work day because I was beyond exhausted and I basically slept on my bathroom floor because it just felt good to lay there after throwing up all day.  In my first trimester I also found out I had multiple uterine fibroid tumors at one of my doctor visits which made pregnancy a high risk pregnancy.  Long story short my first trimester was not fun and would make any woman contemplate never having children again.

*side note- if you are experiencing morning sickness I used Preggie Pops, and they worked wonders!*

Second Trimester

My energy returned!  My second trimester I almost felt like myself again, besides starting to feel a little alien person move inside of me.  I could get through my work day much more easily, my fibroid pain was not as severe ( I think because they stopped growing as much), and my morning sickness went away!!!  Due to my multiple fibroids I had to visit the doctor every three weeks even from the beginning but now I was also visiting the office of maternal fetal medicine every eight weeks to have them measure the baby and also the tumors (fun).

Third Trimester

I’m tired again, Lol.  This is when I started to really get big so it was harder to breathe and walk and I started to have pain caused by the fibroids again.  I also did my maternity photos and had my baby shower during this trimester which was probably the high point during these three months because I really enjoyed it and I felt really pretty (which can be hard when you are literally a whale).


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